Jack Garton of the Vancouver “vaudeville-inspired” band Maria in the Shower acknowledges  his interest in pre-mass media, pre-electronic entertainment and a magic transportative quality unique to live experience, as discussed in my 2009 presentation: NeoVaudeville in the 21st Century: Exploring the Revival of Burlesque, Sideshow & Cabaret in Popular Performance. (http://subverseaphrodesia.com/NeoVaudeville.aspx)



Introduction of new technology — radio, television and film — has had a dramatic impact on the way artists entertain, he says. “The technology made the art forms fragment into their own little pockets and Id like to sort of bring it back to the time before that, when before those technological innovations we had the live experience and that was it,” he says. “For our shows, people can go back to that space.”

via A vaudevillian feast for the senses.