Gregarious Expressions

by Alicia Grega



maybe it isn’t all that funny that i’ve been fighting all my life

A beauty from Amanda Palmer.
This really resonates.

Working on not just saying, but also believing that “i am exactly the person that i want to be.” -ag


“In My Mind” Music Video – YouTube.

reading: An Awful Lot Of Vaudeville | Beat Magazine


An Awful lot of Vaudeville is not a tacky reproduction of a bygone era. Instead, it is a contemporary tribute to what was – and in many ways remains – an avant-garde period of pushing boundaries and crossing lines. Mojo Jujus romantic attachment to the dark, underground world of sleazy jazz clubs and flapper girls enables her to capture the essence of the 1920s while evolving the art form to fit the 21st century.

via An Awful Lot Of Vaudeville | Beat Magazine.

Quoting: Maria in the Shower

Jack Garton of the Vancouver “vaudeville-inspired” band Maria in the Shower acknowledges  his interest in pre-mass media, pre-electronic entertainment and a magic transportative quality unique to live experience, as discussed in my 2009 presentation: NeoVaudeville in the 21st Century: Exploring the Revival of Burlesque, Sideshow & Cabaret in Popular Performance. (



Introduction of new technology — radio, television and film — has had a dramatic impact on the way artists entertain, he says. “The technology made the art forms fragment into their own little pockets and Id like to sort of bring it back to the time before that, when before those technological innovations we had the live experience and that was it,” he says. “For our shows, people can go back to that space.”

via A vaudevillian feast for the senses.

hands upon black earth: solid, sensual, organic, languorous electronic music

A song called Kalimayantra appeared today on my Visions of Zen radio station  on Pandora …

“In hands upon black earth, composer and performer bobby cochran has created a collection of songs as diverse as they are connected, eluding simple categorization. Tying the project together is an occult pattern of will, desire and worship, driven by a sincere passion, fueled by a persistent discontent with his own limitations.

Sensual and pensive. Meditative and exultant. Flowing, languorous beats with a hard and unrestrained backbone. Inspired words. Pain and passion. Desire and expectation. A union of love and will.”

via hands upon black earth: solid, sensual, organic, languorous electronic music.

First Listen: DeVotchKa, 100 Lovers : NPR

DeVotchKa’s 100 Lovers will stream at in its entirety until its release on March 1.




Thanks to Heather Davis for the heads-up. 🙂

Major Music Find: 2L8




In a search for music to listen to while writing Avenging Arachne I went from an inquiry into contemporary experimental Greek composers to the discovery of a fascinating electronic artist named Etten to her band Film, its record label Inner Ear, and another artist on that label, 2L8.

2L8 a project of K the Clown and a team of mucisians and partners based in Thessaloniki.

Astonishingly, they share the same “neovaudeville” aesthetic I outlined in my project in 2009. From the cabaret makeup, to the black and white stripes in their costumes, to the theatricality to their politics.

Under “Media” at the band’s official website you can download their Music for free. The text reads:

“Music is and must be Free! Enough with the tyranny of the industry already that made us hollow and sad!”

 You can download all 2L8 releases for free!

Then why bother having an e-shop, you may wonder? Some people, like ourselves, still love packages and booklets.

Also you might as well consider that when you actually buy something you support our next project… “

Go check it out:


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