In a search for music to listen to while writing Avenging Arachne I went from an inquiry into contemporary experimental Greek composers to the discovery of a fascinating electronic artist named Etten to her band Film, its record label Inner Ear, and another artist on that label, 2L8.

2L8 a project of K the Clown and a team of mucisians and partners based in Thessaloniki.

Astonishingly, they share the same “neovaudeville” aesthetic I outlined in my project in 2009. From the cabaret makeup, to the black and white stripes in their costumes, to the theatricality to their politics.

Under “Media” at the band’s official website you can download their Music for free. The text reads:

“Music is and must be Free! Enough with the tyranny of the industry already that made us hollow and sad!”

 You can download all 2L8 releases for free!

Then why bother having an e-shop, you may wonder? Some people, like ourselves, still love packages and booklets.

Also you might as well consider that when you actually buy something you support our next project… “

Go check it out: http://www.2-l8.gr