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content creation / workshops / coaching

Struggling to express yourself? The words flow through your mind like lightning but when it’s time to speak or write, they evaporate into the ether or, even worse, stutter out in vague fragments that fail to convey the energy and brilliance of your vision. It’s okay to ask for help.

Alicia is available for a variety of communications consultations and freelance work including performance coaching, editing, theatrical direction, and dramaturgy, as well as nonprofit marketing/content creation.

View a portfolio of sample content here:

Fan pic of Ms. Alicia by one of her second-grade ArtsLink students, 2020.


Alicia has been working with playwrights and screenwriters on new script development in theatres and classrooms for more than 20 years.

Call (570) 290-8004 or send email to to book a free consultation (virtual or in person.) Poetry and prose critique and manuscript editing are also available.


Content Marketing

Alicia can help you develop eye-catching content that penetrates the noise. Graphic design for print and digital media, promotional photos and short videos, press releases, event production, and publications for print/web are among her specialties.


Alicia’s years in journalism combined with her experience in the college classroom and work as a teaching artist coaching others to reach their creative writing and performance goals have left her uniquely equipped to facilitate a wide spectrum of workshops. Public speech coaching, devised theatre projects, and experimental forms are among her favorites.

“…You did an amazing job with the video and recent newsletter highlighting our Mother’s Day event. I really enjoyed watching the video and looking back on the day.”

— Nicole G.

“I am a nervous speaker and this gave me a big confidence boost to speak among others. I want to say thank you for breaking me out of my shell little by little and hopefully more to come! I loved this (project).”

— Jennifer, student

Call (570) 290-8004 or send email to to discuss your project.