I think this is part of the 21st century turn in aesthetics. It is no longer enough to sell utilitarian things. People are in the market for a lifestyle. How we do things, and with what spirit, is as important these days as what we do. Where we put our dollars makes a statement to the world about our true values.  -ag

Argentian-Italian designer Romina Bacci advises:

“Find your story, and spend all the time you need to find your niche, product, and identity. Be original and dont copy. You have to be different and own your work in order to be successful. Remember: youre never selling just an object, you are selling your own story; your product has your essence and it speaks of who you are. It took me almost a year to find my product. You must be consistent and have patience — things dont happen overnight.”

via Featured Seller: MilesOfLight :: Etsy Blog.