This morning, Professor of NOW @SxipShirey tweeted a link to this video for Taraf Hijacked (not on either one of the band’s two albums!) today in honor of Luminescent Orchestrii’s seven years together. Yea!



Why "Professor of NOW" you ask?

Well, if you’ve been following Sxip on Twitter like I told you to do, you should have noticed not only tweets about the funding of his new album Sonic New York via fan donations at Kickstarter (yes, that’s another thing I bought), but also an exciting string about the brass band movement.

Inspired to share after an evening at Barbes witnessing brass band Vevertise, Shirey tweeted on Oct. 28:

"The brass band movement in the US is the truly DIY music culture of now. All those old band geeks picking up their horns again."

Followed by, "Brass bands have to many people to make money, they don’t need amplification,they rarely get "signed",they bring the party with their feet."


His hot 8 list includes:

Mucca Pazza,


Hungry March,


Stumble Bum,

Rude Mechanical,

Red Baraat,

Infernal Noise Brigade (RIP),

I don’t know about you but I’ve got a lot of listening to do.



Coach Czech – Mucca Pazza