As you may have noticed, I enjoy observing and capturing the process …

This morning while working on the syllabus for my Writing Workshop class at Lackawanna this fall, one of the playwriting books I’m drawing on for exercise ideas sparked thoughts of the first draft I finished in April.

I scribbled my thoughts down on the back of a Redner’s receipt while finishing my first (only) cup of coffee.

I don’t expect these notes will make a lick of sense to you. But they will, I assure you, improve upon, if not solve. some of the problems with Pussy Grabs Back that I tried to ignore during that early creative process. Writing are editing are two different tasks. We can’t censor ourselves while we are engaged in the raw, magical act of creative weaving. But that work is loose and sloppy and weak with holes. It’s the going back without fear to take pieces apart, clean them, put them back together again or toss them out and replace them that makes a work something an audience can process.

In the end, I hope I can create something that has value for others and is more than a documentation of work, sweat, and ill-wrought ideas -ag 8/11/2021