Common Play Factory is looking for one or two short short scripts (read time 30 min. or less) to complete a program tentatively to be held virtually in late spring. (Please don’t make us read another one of Alicia’s plays! LOL)

Scripts should be unproduced; previous readings are okay. We are interested in experimental work. Send a .pdf of the script with character requirements and playwright contact information before April 5 to:

Scripts that are not a good fit for this Spring 2021 program may be considered for future production. Preference will be given to playwrights from Northeast Pennsylvania, but we are open to scripts, primarily in English, from anywhere in the world. Actors have not yet been cast for this production so if you are interested in reading, please contact us as the same email address.

Fun fact: In recent Shakespearean research, we learned that Elbow’s reference to brothels as “common houses” may be inspired by a Church of England sermon from 1563 that warned parishioners to avoid the “degradation” of such establishments. (Go, Kenji. “On the Origin of the ‘Common Houses’ as Brothels in Measure for Measure.” Notes and Queries 55.2 (2008): 191-4.ProQuest. Web. 10 Aug. 2015.)

While we don’t think our programs are degrading, we’re not sure the Elizabethean church would approve either.