the last time I shoveled so much snow …

the thing about heartbreak, it hurts even when you know it’s coming.

You can’t brace yourself, slowly wean yourself off his love. You’re too busy living in the magic of the moment to make such morbid plans.

There was beauty there. And joy.

It’s good that you let go; good that you let yourself enjoy it. It’s better you were unprepared. You were never going to want to let go.

Because you stayed so enamored despite the faults in the structure. So what it wasn’t perfect. There is no perfect. That’s not a thing. Not a good enough reason to say goodbye.

You were not ready to lose so much so fast …

You were not ready for 2020.

You were not ready to do this alone.

Were you always doing it alone?

You don’t know where to put your connection.

-Alicia Grega (quote above from “Stella for Star,” Dystalgia).