Second day of summer,
reading yoga mat sweat stains like Rorschach tests
like tea leaves
for the answers you refused to give me,
for hope …
I’ll soak up every ray of sun I can get.
On days like this when the humidity is so high
we can’t keep our faces dry and
No one knows if it’s you or the exercise,
Tears and sweat blend together
in forlorn potion of eye sting.
Love tried to look away,
but now the motion’s limited by
Swollen nerves,
Inflamed with disappointment.
It was not supposed to end like this –
In the middle,
With love letters cursed …

Limping into summer unbalanced,
Faculties lost,
Limbs missing,
I shout into the digital void
A dizzying black hole of silence-
my words dead on arrival
I have been deleted.

This cannot be my destiny.

I am a sore loser,
Aching and throbbing all over.
Rocked that the solid foundation keeping me straight for seven years
Could dissolve in a firefly’s flash beneath my trusting peasant feet,
Washing away in an invisible wave –
Your private ocean.
So much you never let me see.

Last week the intoxicating fragrance of honeysuckle lingered in the air
today its resentful golden blooms wither scentless on the vine.

june 22