Following you up the stairs

down the narrow hallway in the dark,

it’s easy to trust you know this space.

You will not let me come to harm.

I am safe in the affirming grasp of your hand

the aura of warm energy surrounding your body 

flowing into mine.

I can put one foot in front of the other,

abandon myself to each step’s risk.

And then we will face each other without eyes

with only our hands to compensate

as layers of social propriety are shed

we rely on touch to navigate this continued exploration

of our most private landscapes

taking direction from instinct and primal sound cues.

I have lived my life too much in the light; 

come to depend on its proofs. 

It’s only logical to see what you’re getting into to …

Look before you leap!

And isn’t it brave to be honestly aware of what’s there

(and maybe what’s missing.)

All that vision, yet I wouldn’t have suspected

this blind faith of yours could be so charming.

I knew so little of the power in surrender,

the ecstasy of confidence in letting go of the crutch

I hadn’t realized I relied on for so long.

Those too bright years

watching the delusion of control

play out in broad daylight.

The false sense of security lifted

only when you turned off the light

and encouraged my soul to see.


April 4, 2015