Other than an extended facebook comment I made in regards to This American Life’s melodramatic retraction of its Mike Daisey story broadcast, I’ve been trying not to get too sucked in to the controversey.

But it does excite me that people are talking about theatre and the power that theatre has to move people.

Also, some really great points are being made about fiction vs. non-fiction vs. memoir vs. documentary as writers respond to the big picture of the story in an age during which we’ve intentionally been messing with genre tradition in the hopes of “achieving something new.”

The following bit makes perfect sense to me:

First, let’s dispatch this ridiculous “theater not journalism” argument which is about as useful a discussion as “is blogging journalism?”. Theater and journalism aren’t separate or opposite endeavors. The New York Times front page is a kind of theater, and plenty of theatrical events are a kind of journalism.

via Mr. Daisey and the fact factory | Grist.