I was so excited to finish this project and deliver the commissioned order, I didn’t get around to shooting an image of the results.

Here is a second and part of a third series I’ve made since then — pictured here drying after being sprayed with matte acrylic sealer.

six tiles

In the end, I went with the acrylic gel transfer process because the textured vanilla tiles I preferred the look and feel off were not waterslide decal friendly.
I had, in fact, almost given up on the decal paper, when I got a hold of a couple of white smooth tiles from my sister. These were much easier to slide the decals on to without losing or marring too much of the ink from the paper in the process.

Seen here are a slice of The historic Masonic Temple, designed by Raymond Hood and a colorful wash of Scranton's landmark Electric City sign.

While I used actual cork to back the commissioned tiles, I was fortunate to also inherit an amazing bolt of cork upholstery fabric from my sister that makes for a softer, more appealing, yet just as effective backing. (I forget to take a picture of the reverse, I’ll try to remember to update later.)

I’m hoping to make these available for sale at my Etsy shop soon — both individually and as sets, made to order — as the commission fee barely covered the cost of my supplies and it would be nice to make at least a little profit off all the time and labor that went into the research and development of this project. Hopefully, there will be an interest. I personally think they’re pretty awesome.