What a great way to cross promote the arts! I’d love to see Scranton’s Industrial Arts festival grow up to be so sexy. OK so maybe not scenes in whcih "a man wielding a handheld piece of machinery with whirring parts rub a burlesque dancer’s metal cone bra, sending sparks into the air," but … Hey, it could happen. Sarcastic smile



Crucible benefit fans the flames of creativity
The "Fire Cabaret" – held in the group’s 56,000-square-foot warehouse on Seventh Street – featured four short musical vignettes performed on a stage that alternated with demonstrations of industrial arts by the center’s faculty members in other parts of the venue. But even the demonstrations were often paired to music, as in one room where blacksmiths pounded enormous hammers on red-hot metal, while a woman danced on a table in African print dress to several men playing rhythmic drums and shaking maracas.