I know this movie is going to make me squirm with its horribleness just as surely as I know I am going to make the rare purchase of a movie theater ticket to go see it. I will never get over the fact that what they are calling burlesque in this film is not an accurate reflection on the neo-burlesque scene at all. This movie may be sexy but there’s nothing risque about it. Burlesque challenges our preconceived notions. It flirts with our minds. It welcomes all shapes and sizes. But hey, who’s to tell them they’re not allowed to call their movie whatever they want to call it.
I feel slightly relieved after watching this trailer despite its obnoxiously cliche storyline (Welcome to Wonderland! Gag me.) because Christina isn’t as gross as I expected. I mean, her desire for this dream at least seems honest. And no matter how bad the movie is, Stanley Tucci and Cher are still so much fun to watch on screen. If anyone can badly contrived dialogue digestable …

The Official BURLESQUE trailer
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