And April Smith and the Great Picture Show knock one out of the ballpark at the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend. This is one trend that ain’t over folks.

You may have heard her song "Terrible Things" teasing the new season of Weeds on Showtime. Regardless, scoot over to NPR and listen to their archive of the aformentioned performance or the June 2010 concert on Mountain Stage. I’m sure April wouldn’t mind terribly if you bought the album.

While you’re at the store, check out the artwork on her t-shirts. It’s everything we’ve been talking about.





“Judging from some tracks on her new album ‘Songs for a Sinking Ship,’ Brooklyn singer/songwriter April Smith is quite the burlesque bad girl. Verbally smacking down the competition for her man’s affections (’Dixie Boy’) and confessing to sins apparently too atrocious to mention (’Terrible Things’), Smith takes a ride into the annals of vintage Mason-Dixon pop, packing a sound full of sassy hooks and swinging rhythms.” – Paste