Looking at Trunk Show by Misty Greer. Hard not to drool over some of these designs.

They are, the main page of her website states, "Clothing for those who prefer to be the spectacle, not just the spectator."

"Fashion should be like a good strip tease: slow, deliberate, and captivating."



If you want to buy, visit her Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/MistyGreer.



Burlesque meets punk in Trunkshow’s retro-sexy style | Vancouver, Canada | Straight.com
According to the burlesque-inspired Vancouver fashion designer, she’s an “everyday showgirl who loves the ritual of getting ready”. And that’s exactly who she creates for. “For me, it’s an evolution of all that old punk rock, that old goth, that hyper-cheesecake pinup look that everyone rocks at some point, and then taking that to the next level by bringing in modern elements,” Greer says. “It’s kind of like mixing Dita Von Teese with a club kid from the ’90s in New York,” she explains. “I call it ‘lowbrow high fashion’.