Thanks to @SepiaChord for the recommendation. This collection looks fantastic!


EMP Store – Waltzes, Glitches & Brass: The New Sounds of Solace
Vaudeville, Music Hall, Freak Shows, Concert Saloons, Minstrelsy, Dime Museums, and Burlesque; all major forms of entertainment in the late 1800s/ early 1900s. A time where costuming and stagecraft was paramount, and a certain warped fascination with the bizarre and freakish, spliced with titillation and risqué humor, was the order of the day. Here the spirit of this evocative era is fused with dark waltz melodies, glitch electronic sounds, salacious burlesque, and gypsy brass for one of the most unique and lovingly crafted compilations you’re likely to hear this or any other year.