We had a brainstorming meeting at the Vintage Theater in Scranton on Thursday to discuss the possibilities of presenting Steamtown Vaudeville’s second event at the all-ages performance venue & cafe.
While we initially thought we were going to shy away from the invite, we ended up talking ourselves into using the venue’s advantages to design an event quite different from our first cabaret show while in keeping with the variety concept.
A tentative date of Saturday, Aug. 7 has been set for a sort of VagabondGlam costume party, a "razzle dazzle hobo hoodang," if you will.
We’re looking to feature live neo-traditional folk, gypsy and/or steampunk music from the 570 and beyond, a renegade ringmaster, a dancer or two, and as many more mystical acts as we can afford.
More information to come … Interested performers are welcome to apply: info@subverseaphrodesia.com