Received news in the day job email today about a new fringe festival launching in Allentown, Pa.
The inaugural event appears to be sponsored in part by Allentown Public Theatre and will be held at multiple venues June 18-19.
According to the press announcement, this event "showcasing performers and artwork outside the mainstream" will feature: fire arts performers, hula-hoopers, art exhibits, indie musicians, drum circle, vintage film screening, theatrical performances, and more.
To get an idea of what they’ve already got on tap, visit The preliminary line-up is not breathtaking (at least in print), but as anyone who’s ever launched an event knows, you’ve got to start with a vision and sketch it out with whatever resources you can scrape together. It’s often only after the community experiences the manifestation of your vision that they’ll get on board, and help build the future. 
No word if they’re accepting inquiries from acts outside the Lehigh Valley who’d like to perform. If you find out, let us know.
The organizers are currently seeking fundraising assistance, donations, performer sponsorships, and volunteers. Contact for more information.