Just caught wind of this sign of the zeitgeist via tweet from @WendyRosenfield (Theater critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, blogging at ArtsJournal.com.
Produced by Third Rail Projects, Steampunk Haunted House at Abrons Arts Center’s Playhouse on the Lower East Side was billed by The Village Voice as "so fashionable, it’s scary."
Running Oct. 28-31, the 20-minute experience promises "an immersive world of churning gears, mechanical monstrosities, and steam-powered cyborgs… Clockwork spiders, legions of half-man/half-machine drones, and mechanized monsters and misfits manifest in eerie parlors, laboratories, and boiler rooms."
According to the press release, "the aesthetic of steampunk offers a fresh, romanticized view on technology and fashion by making it retro, set in an alternate, anachronistic Victorian-era that retains a pre-industrial elegance."


Steampunk Haunted House Trailer from Third Rail Projects on Vimeo.