Gregarious Expressions

by Alicia Grega



depersonalization time / Scranton Story Slam

OK. I can’t watch this video. I tried. But I had to press stop after the first sentence.
All this time, I was happy with the memory of that feeling I had stepping off the stage. Relief. Thanks the gods, I pulled it off.

Now I know I messed up THE SECOND WORD. Pretty significant mistake. I don’t want to know how many more I made.

We’re not supposed to see ourselves like this — from the outside, from across the room? I get that same queasy feeling sometimes while driving down the highway at high speed — our bodies weren’t meant to go this fast.
I can’t watch it. But you can, if you want. I never did get around to posting the text of the story. Maybe I still will. Contrary to the point of the event, I think it reads better on the page.

Edith Piaf in Drag in GPhilly


There is something about a tall man with hairy legs, in a black dress, and singing French love songs that captures the beautiful contradiction of Edith Piaf’s life and music.

via Edith Piaf in Drag | Best of the Gayborhood | GPhilly.

Working Prototype: The Hopeless Romantic Charm Necklace

methinks something is missing ...?

An actual working envelope charm hangs with an empty heart charm a carved Czech glass rosebud and a round bronze filigree edged glass charm with an image of cherry blossoms and the Ovid-inspired quip, “Love knows no rules of good behavior.”

Inside the envelope is an original verse on a scrap of paper.

“petals of distraction / layered in defense / around her empty heart.”

Ideally, the buyer will place their own love note inside.

I like it but I think it may need one more small touch. Suggestions?


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Cognac, Cointreau & Lemon juice = delicious. A NICE winter warm up.

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