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fold forming: dirty work but worth it

Freaking gorgeous! I love these. I’d totally take this class if I wasn’t broke as heck, and it wasn’t on the same day as Arts on Fire here in Scranton. Worth the drive to Harrisburg, I’d think. -ag

Fold Formed Metal Cuffs

“Fold Forming is a technique where sheet metal is folded, worked, and then unfolded. Through this process, it is possible to quickly form the metal into gorgeous 3D shapes and textures.”


variations on Virginia bluebells


Salvaged vintage choker

Test driving this piece I made this morning from these gorgeous angel fire agate beads and salvaged vintage champagne pearls.

I generally hate wearing things close around my neck but I keep making chokers anyway. Makes the work easier to sell, I guess.


liking the sakura

I’m really liking the look of this pale-ish pink Sakura flower on the softer more flexible copper ring base I ordered recently.
I think I might need to order a few more. 😉

Silver Cephalopod Earrings by kittybelle on Etsy





Silver Cephalopod Earrings by kittybelle on Etsy


Working Prototype: The Hopeless Romantic Charm Necklace

methinks something is missing ...?

An actual working envelope charm hangs with an empty heart charm a carved Czech glass rosebud and a round bronze filigree edged glass charm with an image of cherry blossoms and the Ovid-inspired quip, “Love knows no rules of good behavior.”

Inside the envelope is an original verse on a scrap of paper.

“petals of distraction / layered in defense / around her empty heart.”

Ideally, the buyer will place their own love note inside.

I like it but I think it may need one more small touch. Suggestions?


SemiCharmed Life Gunmetal Necklace by kittybelle on Etsy




SemiCharmed Life Gunmetal Necklace by kittybelle on Etsy

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