What a fantastic term!
There’s definitely an escapist quality in creating these dreamscape boards that gives us a comfortingly pure and beautiful place we’d rather be than our real lives.
Yes, my life may look like this, but in my fantasy world where I have control and in which money is abundant — my life would look like that.

In other words. don’t judge me by what it looks like I am in this real world our physical bodies occupy — but look at what I identify with… these things beyond my grasp that are more true to how I see myself. Tell me how much you admire what I want to be. What I wish I was.


There’s a German word for it, of course: Sehnsucht, which translates as “addictive yearning.” This is, I think, what these sites evoke: the feeling of being addicted to longing for something; specifically being addicted to the feeling that something is missing or incomplete. The point is not the thing that is being longed for, but the feeling of longing for the thing. And that feeling is necessarily ambivalent, combining both positive and negative emotions.

via Pinterest, Tumblr and the Trouble With ‘Curation’ – NYTimes.com.