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Taking a breath of fresh

Air on the back porch

Through the sound of melting snow

I hear a dog bark and wonder

When I will stop thinking

Of his dog that I loved, too.

Not so far away…

They cannot hear my thoughts,

But they might be able to hear these

church bells that ring softly at 7 pm.

When we used to meet for dinner.

-ag, 1/5/21

Portrait of Frances

One hour in the life of Frances Maia. Jan. 4, 2021.

(Just feels good to write “2021.”) -ag

Are we there yet?

Marshall McLuhan’s 1965 vision of “The City” as theme park, as remembered by Tom Wolfe.

pinophyta fermata

This year’s holiday card.

Happy Holidays to all. – alicia

Hard not to remember

the last time I shoveled so much snow …

the thing about heartbreak, it hurts even when you know it’s coming.

You can’t brace yourself, slowly wean yourself off his love. You’re too busy living in the magic of the moment to make such morbid plans.

There was beauty there. And joy.

It’s good that you let go; good that you let yourself enjoy it. It’s better you were unprepared. You were never going to want to let go.

Because you stayed so enamored despite the faults in the structure. So what it wasn’t perfect. There is no perfect. That’s not a thing. Not a good enough reason to say goodbye.

You were not ready to lose so much so fast …

You were not ready for 2020.

You were not ready to do this alone.

Were you always doing it alone?

You don’t know where to put your connection.

-Alicia Grega (quote above from “Stella for Star,” Dystalgia).

New chat on TandR – NOV. 8

Link to archived episode 394:

From E.W.:

“Taste “I think I’ve Always Been On the Outside… You Know, a Little Rebellious.” We have for your listening pleasure Sunday at 11am est Episode 394 of “Troubadours and Raconteurs with E.W. Conundrum Demure” on WFTE Radio (

Episode 394 features a compelling conversation with Writer, Activist, Educator, Baker and Candlestickmaker – Kitty Belle Burbank (that’s Alicia).

Kitty Belle and I discuss Her Rough Summer, Relationships, Miranda & Frances, Rebellion, Sense of Humor, Being Honest, Singular Thinking, Closure, Delusion, the Dark Side, Marc Maron, Joe Biden Becoming President, Scranton, Rewards All Around Us…

Episode 394 also includes an E.W. Essay titled “Penn’s Wood.” We share a new Radio Play written by our Associate Producer Dr. Michael Pavese titled “Bewitched”as performed by Dominick, Margo & Marnie Azzarelli. We have an E.W. poem called “Sign.”

Our music this go round is provided by these wonderful artists: Django Reinhard, Stephane Grapelli, the Resistance Revival Chorus with Rhiannon Giddens, John Moreland, Lucinda Williams, the Cramps, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Branford Marsalis and Terrence Blanchard.

Commercial Free, Small Batch Radio Crafted within the West Mountain Range of Northeastern Pennsylvania… Heard All Over The World.

Tell Your Friends and Neighbors…”

#TooClose ?

Virtual Reading for Lackawanna Live

My dear friend and Deputy Director of Arts & Culture for Lackawanna County interviewed me for Thursday’s episode of a livestreaming arts program. After the deubt on YouTube tomorrow it should be archived for a long time.

Dystalgia published Aug. 7

It’s going to take a few days before you’ll find it on Amazon or where ever you buy your books, but Dystalgia is coming. I’ll shout loudly about it when I notice it is available to order in print.

UPDATE: Now available here

I’d love to get someone else’s descriptions. This is the best I was able to come up with :

Alicia Grega’s verse stumbles forward through uncomfortable emotions and life’s disappointments with tongue-bitten humor and pop-culture distractions. We’re still breathing, so it’s not too late. Ultimately, she helps us find hope that the lush rooms left vacant in our hearts can be occupied again … after a good disinfecting.

A .pdf copy is also available now via Blurb if you prefer e-reading.

We made this

First a quote from Norman Fischer:

We now are so wedded to our objective, scientific, materialistic view of reality, which is a view and a philosophy, but we just take it to be – it’s real. And the imagination, we think is the opposite of this. It’s fantasy; it’s not real. We almost define the imagination as being what’s not real. It’s an opposite, right? Opposite is imagination on the one hand, reality on the other hand. That’s how we look at it.

… No. We make reality, in part, with our imaginations. And when we imagine a reality that doesn’t include the imagination, that itself if is an imaginative decision.

We need imagination to deepen and richen the feeling of what’s real.

All creativity, even technological innovation comes from the imagination. If there’s no imagination, the world is crushingly one-dimensional. Too matter of fact; not enough color and fervor. Every human ideal, like love, or the idea of justice, comes from the imagination. If we have no imagination, the world is too bleak. You can’t live it.

-Excerpt from Norman Fischer’s talk on imagination to the Garrison Institute, “Imagination and the Bodhisattva Path,” (derived, in part, from his book The World Could Be Otherwise)
via Everyday Zen podcast: July 18, 2020.

This is the function of art and the purpose of artists in society. To imagine what isn’t and thread it through just enough of the familiar that audiences can accept the truth it exposes as believable.

This is why art should be –

Innovative or foreign enough to delight us – some level above or beyond reality as we know it

Not safe – risky enough to challenge or scare us – proof of imagination

Where we relate are the emotions: the universal feelings common across humanity – anger, contempt, disgust, enjoyment, fear, sadness, surprise.

What summons the emotional response varies – I may not know why that object or incident made you cry but I know what crying feels like.

We can reimagine the past – a la Hamilton racially diverse revolution or Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood. Or we can imagine the past through fresh eyes (Little Women, Harriet) or imagine the present through a specifically challenged POV.

We can imagine the future as a warning – the dystopia where we are heading if we don’t wise up and change our ways. Or we can imagine the world as we’d rather it be – with more romance and poetic justice, where the bad guys pay for their crimes, the underdogs overcome the bullies and everyone who wants to gets to play – not just the young, skinny, rich, and pretty – so no one has to sit on the sidelines under a joy-shattering mountain of rejection.

What kind of reality are you making? -ag

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